Sunday, July 29

emulate this

to preface: i skipped out on purchasing an original Xbox because 1) my friend i lived with had one so i could get my fill of the Halos, and 2) there really weren't all that many games i wanted to play on it. by the time i was thinking of buying one - when i didn't live with my friend anymore - the 360 was already out so i waited and bought that last Christmas.

so now i'm going through playing the Xbox games that i missed - Fable, KotOR, Crimson Skies, Jade Empire, Panzer Dragoon Orta, the Halos, etc. - and emulation has been good with Crimson Skies, the Halos, and a few others... but DAMN is it bad with Fable!

you would think that MS would put forth the effort to have a good emulator for their only (?) first party (well, produced by) RPG, but nope. it's horrible!

everything is fine if i'm walking in a straight line and not turning the camera much, but once i start to run, turn the camera, or get in battle, the frame rate drops like a mo-fo. and heaven forbid if i get into battle AND start moving the camera... wow. i've actually thought i crashed the game - or my 360 broke again - more than a few times.

and the loading... jesus. i mean maybe it was bad in the original, but i don't see how it could have been THIS bad.

put another minus in the Microsoft column. this is exactly the reason why i bought a PS3 before they got rid of the emulator chip inside and went to emulation software for their games...

- kawitchate

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