Wednesday, July 18

you win this time Microsoft

well, just as Microsoft is going to win this fall in terms of AAA games offered, they have won today over Amazon in my book. a few posts ago i said that it was a race between Amazon and Microsoft to see who would send me my next-gen system first - Amazon with my brand-new PS3, or Microsoft with my repaired/refurbished/new Xbox 360.

surprisingly, Microsoft won.

even though i called Xbox Support just this past Sunday and they claimed to have no status update on my console since it arrived at the shop in Texas on the 27th of June, i received an automated call from UPS today saying that i'm to expect a package tomorrow. got the tracking number, looked it up online and sure enough - coming from Texas.

still, i lost over a month of my Xbox Live subscription by not having a working system with which to log on to it... so i'm considering calling again and hassling them for a free month.

will i get my same 360 back but repaired? will i get a refurbished 360? or will they send me a brand-new 360?

will there be any new hardware inside to prevent the "fundamental flaw" that people are saying the 360 has? maybe something to keep it from running so hot/overheating?

i'll be able to tell if i get a new console, as each one has a serial number on it and i know the number of mine... but can i find out what they did to the inside i wonder? maybe call support and see if they'll give me any info? maybe something's sent inside the package, like a printed out status report?

guess we'll find out tomorrow.

- kawitchate

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