Monday, July 2

give me space, i'll fill it

so i purchased a 320GB external hard drive when i got here (Hawaii) a few months ago because my laptop only has a lame 60GB of space and i love downloading things - tv shows, old movies, music... you know, things. i got tired of downloading and then burning a DVD of stuff (i've got about 50 4.7GB DVDs of shows and movies), knew i wasn't going to be getting a new PC for quite a while with a pimp hard drive, so i took the next logical step and got an external.

guess what? i've filled it up already. to be fair, part of the drive is taken up by backup stuff (like 35GB of music and a few gigs of pictures) but still... wow.

so what did i do this weekend? well, by happenstance CompUSA was having a really nice sale on a 500GB external (are they going out of business? because they have crazy sales every few weeks) and so i bought it.

let the downloading resume. let's see how long it takes me to fill THIS one.

- kawitchate


ehlersjt said...

I'll give you until Christmas to fill it up. nuf said.

kawitchate said...

Christmas? wow you're giving me more time than i would give me. if i fill it up at the rate i filled up my last, i'd say my birthday, maybe Thanksgiving. good news is i guess if i feel like i need ANOTHER one at that time i could ask for one for my birthday or Christmas...

ehlersjt said...

Don't look at me for that, I have my own storage issues.