Sunday, July 1

i like a lot of stuff

more stuff running along the right side of my blog...

first is the "recently watched" section, where i'll write down movies i've seen as of late - theatrical release or on tv. why is that section so small right now when my "favorite movies" section is so long (which would lead you to believe that i like movies)? well i haven't been watching movies lately. other than the 2 film-crazed years i was down in Arizona (paying for 1 movie at the theater, then sneaking into a second... all by my lonesome - oh, and the 60+ tapes/dvds i watched in a semester) i really don't like watching movies by myself. they're more of a social thing for me - head over to someone's house and watch a movie, or head down to the theater with friends. plus, i've been watching so much downloaded tv that i don't have time for movies right now.

second is the "favorite songs" section, which is a work in progress justs like my favorite albums section. i'm listing songs here that MOVE me... it might end up being a really long list, i don't know, but i won't double up on songs from any favorite albums (because obviously, if it's a favorite album of mine, they're all favorite songs of mine).

this will all be on the test. study up.

- kawitchate

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