Wednesday, July 11

i never G4got

ah G4. it's been a long time.

i remember lazy summer days after college, tuning in for some X-Play, maybe a little Cheat or Icons, and watching from 6-7 CST for some Attack of the Show.

that was 2 years ago.

i've tried watching you recently, but your SpikeTV mimicry just turns me off. i mean come on, Cops?!? and AotS has a totally different format with different hosts (except Kevin, he's still cool) - and i don't like. but i'm back - for the time being.

why am i back? well first i was drawn in by their rather extensive E3 coverage. i'm getting a lot of E3 coverage from the internets while at work, but there's just something about seeing it live, seeing games demoed live that is just that much cooler. so i've been tuning in for 2-3 hours the past 2 nights and will continue to do so for the next 2. their coverage is good, but not great. i was really pissed at the poor commercial placement during the MS press conference. oh well.

i'm also back on G4 right now because a new show just debuted tonight that's not too bad - it's called Code Monkeys. it's about life in a crazy whacked-out video game company, and it's all done in an 8-bit art style. the humor is raunchy and relies pretty heavily on video game knowledge, but it's good - again, just like the E3 coverage though, it's good, not GREAT. it's rarely laugh-out-loud funny and more haha i get it funny. worth a viewing if you're into video games. i'll stick around for a few more episodes... lord knows nothing else new is on.

but i can download Code Monkeys i'm sure... so once the G4 E3 coverage is done, i'm done once again with G4. sorry guys. maybe you should focus on the video games more and less on being SpikeTV jr.

- kawitchate

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