Friday, July 13

gaming capital of the world this is not

i'm good here in Hawaii, designing away on my mostly educational video games, but i can't help but think how much cooler it would have been to be here 5 years ago when Square and Konami were both still in town.

see, the game industry, like most entertainment industries, is all about networking. it's who you know. sadly, there's not much opportunity for networking out here now, with all the big companies gone and only a few smaller companies left in their wake.

however, there is a silver lining. every day i learn of more and more contacts the people i work with have in the industry. just my producer alone knows people at LucasArts (a dream company to work for), Konami, Pixar... and today i learned he knows someone at Mistwalker - the company behind Blue Dragon... the company with the man that started the Final Fantasy games way back when as the head. unbelievable.

so, Hawaii is nice enough. i still wish i were in more of a gaming capital though... Vancouver, San Francisco, SoCal, Seattle... well, maybe one of these days. it's all about getting your foot in the door, and thankfully i got that.

- kawitchate

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