Thursday, July 12

feeling G4saken

not 24 hours after i posted on how i was glad to be watching G4 again (at least for the time being), their lackluster coverage has left me wanting more.

- way too many technical errors... wrong clips playing, clips not playing at all, mics not working, camera miscues... it's like they're an amateur crew! totally unprofessional.

- half the people doing interviews suck balls at interviewing. either they're uninteresting, ask the wrong questions, or are just completely unintelligible.

- quit going to Stickam for viewer reactions. the people you get are completely uninteresting. OR, if you are going to keep going to Stickam, ask one question and then move on to someone else. these 15-year-olds only have one thing to say and when you move on to your third question they're like "uh, i don't know, i just think it's going to be cool." bah.

- stop going to commercials so damn much!

- try to focus! they jump from game to game, spending MAYBE 5 minutes on it (usually more like 2-3 minutes) and there's no cohesion. why not visit an entire company's booth, check out all the games they have to offer at once? why not just take us out on the floor, give us a tour of the place? ugh.

anywho, i could go on, but it's pointless. i keep watching, so i don't really have the right to complain. one more night of E3 baby! any more surprises left? doesn't really seem like there will be... after the big press conferences the news has been pretty sparse, coming only from journalists that get to actually play the games. biggest news from today i think was the unveiling of the new Star Wars: The Force Unleashed trailer... though it didn't really happen at E3, rather it happened on ET - that's Entertainment Tonight. weird.

- kawitchate

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