Sunday, July 22

new show - The Kill Point

just last night i was asking for a movie that dealt with a group of people making a stand against another group, and here a day later a mini series comes along to fill the void. needless to say, it's better than the movie i watched last night, but that's not saying much. how good is it?

pretty darn good.

it starts with a bank robbery and turns into a standoff with the police, a hostage situation. the show reminds me of Dog Day's Afternoon, a great movie from the 70s about a bank robbery, but with MORE - more characters to follow, more going on behind the scenes... just MORE. of course, there had to be more, since this is a 9-episode series that takes place in one spot, over the course of a few days (i imagine).

the pilot was pretty much your typical bank robbery gone wrong and subsequent hostage negotiations - but this series focuses on a lot of characters and focuses on them very personally. there are a lot of quiet moments when decisions are being made, and it makes for a good character study series. oh, and the last 5 minutes? ...yeah, the typical bank robbery hostage situation story just turned into something more. and i'm excited.

that all said, here's my gripes:

- i can totally see through most of the "personality tics" that the writers gave some of the characters because they thought it would help to individualize them - the captain and his need for grammatical correctness, the old man that turned out to be gay, the newbie to SWAT and all the crap being given to him, the Paris Hilton-like socialite hostage, the higher-up and the captain disagreeing on every decision... it's all just a bit too much, and not well written.

- as this is a series that takes place in one spot, i'm worried that in future episodes they're going to do flashbacks to the lives of all the characters before the robbery, a la Lost, and if they do that, i'm probably going to stop watching. now, the chances of lots of flashbacks is minimal because the show looks to run only 9 episodes total, but if it continues to move as FAST as it is, well we'll see what we see. i personally think flashback shows like Lost, shows that rely heavily on flashbacks, are boring. i want to see where you are NOW, be it on the island (Lost) or in the bank (The Kill Point). that said, flashbacks from time to time are ok... so is the "flashback episode..." but any more than that and i'm gone.

- i won't say why, but the series has the possibility of getting a little too political for my taste. so far it's been minimal, but the framework is there.

if the series really is only 9 episodes, i'm totally on board for that. if they take the series FURTHER, like into a second season / series, they'll have to give me a real good reason why. so far this looks to be a great mini series. oh, and it couldn't be on at a better time - 9pm on Sunday... right before John from Cincinnati. not bad.

- kawitchate

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