Tuesday, July 3


yes, i'm headed back to Arizona. i've been away far too long. i think the last time i was there was 3 years ago, the summer before the last year of college... after that i was busy the following summer trying to get a job, and then when THAT fell through i went up to Vancouver for another year of professional schooling, so that shot another summer... and here we are, 3 years later.

or maybe i'm remembering it completely wrong and it hasn't been that long - or it's been longer. either way, i know i haven't seen my Arizona buddies in a long, long time.

the game company i ended up at may be small, but they sure know how to compensate their employees (oh, and the responsibility i have as a junior designer is CRAZY - totally more than i expected, another plus). i get 1 1/2 days of vacation time EVERY FREAKIN' MONTH. that means, in just the 4 short months i've been there, i've racked up 6 vacation days already! sure they cap it at 2 weeks accumulated for juniors, but that's fine with me.

so i'm using 3-4 of them on this trip (never really officially said how many i was taking, or how many i was going to make up in overtime, we'll see when i get back). headed down tomorrow afternoon, should arrive in Phoenix around midnight. then i'm staying at Bill and Aspen's (friends i met in college) house for the majority of the time, and also seeing my grandma toward the end of the trip. i'll be back here in paradise almost exactly a week from when i left - next tuesday afternoon.

suffice to say, i won't be online much, or at all... probably just to check emails. it's a VACATION, so i'm not bringing my cumbersome laptop. i'll have my celly if you want to ring me, but otherwise i'll be incommunicado. no posts to the blog - which is sad, because i was hoping to do at least a post a day. oh well, new rule: i'll try and do a post a day when i'm not on vacation.

see you all on the flip side. if you'll excuse me, i've got some more work i need to finish before i leave tomorrow...

- kawitchate

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