Monday, July 2

ipod you amaze me

as you can see from what i'm listening to right now, i've got my ipod shuffling through my entire library of music (9050 songs) and funny things happen when shuffle is on.

the song i was just listening to was the battle theme from Final Fantasy VII. guess what song i'm NOW listening to, just one song later? "Those Who Fight Further (FFVII battle theme)" as performed by the Black Mages. yes, essentially the same song but one was MIDI and the other is with instruments.

out of 9049 other songs to choose from, and my ipod picked the same song, just a different rendition of it. ipod ftw.

- kawitchate


ehlersjt said...

Those ipods are crazy things. I've seen very similar things, like 2 songs that are back to back on the same album. It happened only once, but hea it can happen. Now all I have to see is having it play the same exact song which you have only one copy.

kawitchate said...

what i most like about shuffling the ungodly amount of songs i have from a variety of different genres is sometimes what style of song follows another. no recent examples come to mind, but i'm talking something like Elvis followed by Slayer.