Monday, July 16

i don't know Butchie instead

John from Cincinnati.

just finished watching the 6th episode of 10 that aired tonight. the reason i haven't posted on this series yet - and maybe why i still shouldn't be posting on it now - is because i don't know what to say. but it's like... i want to say SOMETHING. the show really lends itself to discussion - mainly because there are things that happen in it that don't make sense... at least they don't yet... and i'm betting that when all is said and done in 4 more weeks, not everything WILL make sense.

at least i hope not.

this is one show i don't want to know exactly what's going on.

i guess the main question is "who is John from Cincinnati?" and what is he doing in the lives of these people? what's the point?

for me there were always only 2 possibilities - John is an alien (they first thought he might have come from Mexico, which would allude to him being an "illegal alien," a clever play on what he really was) or John is the Son of God (John from Cincinnati, J.C., Jesus Christ).

after tonight's episode and all his talk about "the word" and his "father," i'm really leaning toward him being the Son of God.

so is this a Second Coming tale? why has God sent down his only Son to help out in the lives of these people? he's sure saved the lives of a few of the characters in pretty dramatic fashion... what is it all leading to?

what's really got me hooked (and what might turn others off) is the way everyone talks... i've said this before about other movies or shows, but in John from Cincinnati you can almost SEE the dialogue as it's being spoken. it sounds very much like a play... and i've been thinking lately that maybe it's a morality play, or a take on a morality play - where the main character is humanity, and the supporting cast are personifications of attributes, virtues, or vices.

who knows. all i know is that it's a fun ride.

tonight's episode, with John appearing to everyone at the cookout, preaching to them, and other characters showing up even though they weren't physically there... and the spiral staircase (which has to mean something... something's spiraling out of control?)... i first thought it was just showing that there are moments when things are calm in life, when everything comes together, and everything is perfect, just for a moment (there has been so much tragedy and will most likely be more tragedy to come, a moment to catch one's breath is welcome) - but THEN it came to me:

maybe it was the Last Supper.

- kawitchate


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Kwarner722 said...

This is a great show. You should check out this fan site. There is a lot of good discussion about allof the good stuff going on. I got my eye on you!

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