Sunday, July 22

John from Snooze-cinnati

if you've noticed, i don't often comment after just an episode of a series - usually i'll do a review of a season, or maybe a half-season - but i've got to say something after tonight's John from Cincinnati.

i was bored to tears.

the episode focused on Butchie and Sean working things out and Link and his place in his company... that was it. it felt like all the other characters were doing busy work just so they'd be in the episode - and speaking of being in an episode, where the hell did Bruce Greenwood go? he seemed like he was going to be a major player and here we are, 7 episodes in and he's been missing half the time, gone from entire EPISODES! very weird.

anyway, i came to the realization that this series really should have been shorter, maybe 8 episodes max. now, i'm hoping that they pull off something spectacular in the next 3 weeks before the series (season?) ends, but i can't help but feel that there's going to be another episode like this where everybody is floundering, not having anything to do.

here's to hoping i'm wrong.

- kawitchate

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