Friday, July 13

why the roller coaster ride Sony?

with Sony it's been a roller coaster ride as of late.

they produced perhaps my favorite system of all time, the PS2. the reason it's so great? it had the games to back it up.

then they move on to the PS3. they're planning for a 10-year life cycle, took a step sideways with the cell processor (in terms of how programmers would know how to use it - a single processor when computers are using duals and quads now, which is what programmers know how to program for), had a high price point, and didn't have the games to warrant a purchase.

this week? a $100 price cut AND plenty of games to back it up this holiday season. however, with the price cut of the 60GB model, Sony was quick to point out that they are putting out an 80GB model with a game included for $600 - back up to the original price.

just tonight? the latest news is that once the 60GB models sell out in America (which is supposed to be by the end of the month), the remaining 60GBs are going to Europe and elsewhere while WE get stuck with the 80GB, $600 model!!! what the hell?!?

tell me it isn't so, Sony. i had such faith in you...

if it's true, i've seriously got some thinking to do. do i purchase the 60GB for $500 right now or wait until the holidays - which is when i was planning on picking a 60GB, $500 one up - and just hope that the 60GBs are still being sold or some OTHER deal is taking place that brings the price down?

- kawitchate


Mr.Bubbles said...

It's worth mentioning too that the 80GB model doesn't have the Emotion Engine, so PS1/2 games will be handled by inferior software emulation. This might be an argument in favour of picking up the 499$ ones while they last.

kawitchate said...

first off, welcome! nice to see a fresh face (or any face for that matter) around here. thanks for visiting and hope you return one of these days.

yeah, the emotion engine being ripped out of the new PS3s coming after this is the main reason i'm considering buying a 60GB PS3 right now. i too have heard the software emulation will be inferior and won't cover nearly the amount of games the emotion engine does.

that said, i'm such a loser that i'm actually checking PS3s backwards compatibility online search to make sure my games will all work with the emotion engine - one game at a time.

what can i say? i'm wary of paying $500 for a system that i won't even buy a GAME for until august/september.

- k