Thursday, July 19

and i'm reminded why you're the best

just hit the halfway mark in the 5-year arc of Babylon 5, and i was reminded of just how great a show it really was - probably the best space-based sci fi show i've ever seen (best sci fi show going to Quantum Leap of course).

90-some of the 110 episodes were penned by the series creator. how often does that happen with a television show? many of the lines are well-crafted, foreshadowing or echoing other lines or events. superbly written show. it pays to have a 5-year plan.

i'm watching the series over again (saw all 5 seasons and most of the movies 3-4 years ago) in preparation for the new B5 movie that's out at the end of this month. with the week-long vacation i took to Phoenix, i was starting to get behind, but if i keep along on this pace, i think i might make it.

and even if i don't make it all the way through, i'll make it through the good seasons (1-4). season 5 saw B5 under a new commander (one that couldn't act all that well), the departure of main characters, and way, WAY too much about the upcoming war with the telepaths (just bored me, don't know why). i'll try and watch season 5 again, but right now, here, in the heart of season 3... i don't see how it can get much better than this.

the last 4 episodes leading up to the midway point of the 5-year run saw major changes and B5 asserting itself like it never had before. in the final minutes of the first half of the series, 3 characters revealed their love for others, one other admitted he has a problem, and another admitted he's not as tough as he seems to be. other major players had important things happen to them as well in the 4 episodes leading up to the midway point - and all these things, ALL of them, lead these characters in new directions (or make you see them in a different light) for the second half of the series.

it kicked off the second half of the series. and i can't wait to see what happens next... well, you know, even though i already know. sort of. it HAS been a few years...

- kawitchate

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