Sunday, July 1

my "favorite music"

on the right side there of my blog i've got my favorite music listed, but this is a bit of a misnomer. to be honest, if i were to list my favorite music, it would be longer than my favorite movies section (which itself could be longer). i'm a huge fan of music of any kind - EXCEPT today's country, today's rap, and today's pop, but once in a while something out of one of those categories surprises me (usually the "today's pop" category).

the "favorite music" section on my page is for music that is and has been my favorite for a few years now (except for the 80s pop, which i've always loved) OR music that i've been listening to as of late.

i would really like to make a "favorite albums" section, but that would take quite a bit of effort, as i have over 300 cds and 9050 mp3s in my ipod... with at least 500 more waiting until i purchase another ipod so they'll fit (i'm out of space on my 40GB).

when i get around to that, maybe i'll make a "favorite" section for various genres of music - like "favorite alternative," or "favorite hardcore punk." again, it'll take some effort but i'm interested myself so i think it'll happen.


- kawitchate

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