Sunday, July 15

i pissed off the xbox 360 support guy - or - i hate microsoft

there's 2 things to cover in this post. first, something funny that happened when i called Xbox support. THEN, some ranting on how long i will now have to wait to get my 360 back...

ok, so when you call Xbox support, there's one of those canned voices that answers - "hey! my name is Dave (or whatever) and i'm here to help you out." what i've always found funny about the guy is that he's got this real attitude, like "hey, i'm hip just like you gamers calling up are." but that's just a general funny...

i was trying to navigate through the menus to check on my console repair status, answering the questions he asked, like "what can i help you with today?" and because i was impatient i kept answering him while he was still talking, so he would come back at me with "could you repeat that?" and i would, and he usually would get it then.

but THEN i came to a menu where he didn't understand what i said twice and ran through a list of what i could say in addition to the corresponding numbers i could press on my phone and MAN was he surly! his whole attitude changed, it was hilarious!

so i pissed off the canned Xbox support guy. good times.

now, why i hate microsoft.

as you well know, my Xbox 360 console broke over a month ago, right around the time the Halo 3 beta was ending... so basically the beginning of June. here's the timeline:

- called Xbox support to report the problem Sunday June 17th and they say they'll send a box for me to pack up the 360 in and send to them.

- i receive the box that Thursday, pack up the console and ship it off to them Friday the 22nd. they say the turnaround is 2 weeks, but since i'm in Hawaii and it's going to the mainland i figure i'll give them 3.

- they received the box at their repair facility in Texas on Wednesday the 27th.

- it's now Sunday the 15th of July and there is no status update since the 27th (that they received it and are working on it). because of the new extended warranty that was announced on the 3rd of this month, support has been receiving an unusually high number of repair requests and say that repairs will now take 4-6 weeks.

i might not have my 360 back until August. and that's bullshit.

why am i upset?

first off, a console that's 6 months old shouldn't be breaking. i've owned a lot of consoles and the only others i've had trouble with were the original NES (of course, having to blow on the cartridge and in the system) and the PS2, which thankfully i was able to go in and fix myself. both problems happened years after purchase, probably 3 years or more.

second, i've got games i want to play, and games coming out starting in August that i'm going to need the 360 for as well... of course, i do have games for other systems to play to keep me busy, but it still sucks. i'm going to have these new games i want to play but a backed up catalog that also needs to be played - ones i SHOULD be playing right now.

third, i'm paying for Xbox Live time when i can't even use it! i bought a year's subscription and i'm only going to get to use 10 months of it since my 360 looks to be out of commission for a total of 2 months. unbelievable.

so, i'm hoping that my console got in right before the glut of 360s with their red rings of death came in, and that maybe when i call next weekend they'll tell me some good news. all i can say is that if this goes past July into August, i'm going to be one upset gamer.

another minus in the Microsoft column. PS3, here i come?

still haven't decided yet. i've got 2 1/2 hours more for the Amazon deal...

- kawitchate

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